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No-One Better To Provide A Property Report

No-one wants to buy a property and then have to spend time and money resolving unforeseen issues. So why not turn a necessity into an opportunity? 

As a seller, you need to provide a Property Report that details any actions necessary against a list of potential advisory items. And with the breadth of services we offer at Alliance, there is no-one better placed to provide a Property Report service that will help any buyer, and the public interested in selling their own properties, from buying a defective property. 


Good For The Seller

For the seller, of course, our specialist team can eradicate the entire spectrum of property problems before the Report is even commissioned. That’s what we do here at Alliance day in and day out, for both private and professional clients, right across Scotland. 

So our property surveyors can survey your property and provide a repair quotation for any property problems, including:

•    Woodworm
•    Rising damp
•    Wet rot

•    Dry rot
•    Basement waterproofing
•    Condensation control

•    Fire damage
•    Flood damage
•    Roofing

If you can solve any problems and then solve them before the property is marketed then it can only enhance the value you’ll get back from a sale!

We know precisely what warning signs to look for, with any type of property you might currently own, and can identify all those easy-to-fix issues. Anything from one broken tile to a course of treatment for wet rot.

Alliance will work closely with you, as the prospective seller, and provide a full in-depth Property Report that covers all aspects of the Home Report Advisories. 


Increase Your Property’s Value

No matter how big or small the existing issue, we have the necessary skills and resources to restore the proper full market value of your property. We cover all building aspects including plumbing, electrics, gas work & boiler installations, plastering, joinery, painting/decorating, roofing works and tiling.

Of course, if the need for a sale is pressing, and you can’t delay for the remedial work to be completed before you sell, then you can opt to use our report to negotiate with the buyer instead. You will be fully aware of the quantified cost of any advisory repairs; rather than being left to react to your potential buyer proposing they take thousands off their offer price, almost certainly by more than the actual cost any repair will incur, you can instead make them an informed, fair and reasonable offer.

But remember, repairs needn’t delay your sale. 


Good For The Buyer

We always aim to complete all works in the shortest possible time and strive to keep our clients informed at every step so you can get your property to market in the best condition to achieve the best price.

Some problems uncovered by a Home Report will require specialist treatment, and we have those specialists in-house, meaning we genuinely understand all the complexities a repair or treatment will involve. 

If your Home Report highlights rot, woodworm or damp problems we can evaluate the options and provide you with a detailed quote. There really is no-one better placed, right across Scotland, to deliver your Property Report.

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