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Damp and Condensation

Damp has three main causes: penetrating damp, rising damp and condensation. But no matter what’s causing damp in your property, it’s not good for your health, or the health of your property.

Excessive moisture is also a contributing factor to other problems like both dry and wet rot, creating perfect conditions for the growth and spread of wood-eating fungi. A neglected case of dampness can very quickly turn into an expensive case of wet rot!

Penetrating Damp – is caused by moisture/water coming into your property through the walls and penetrating the building fabric

Rising Damp – is caused by dampness moving in to your property from the ground up. It can be caused by a damp basement or high ground level.

Condensation – When water vapour from steam, cooking, breathing etc is trapped condensation occurs. In condensation vapour turns back into water leading to ideal conditions for mould. Poor ventilation is a major factor in condensation

If you suspect you may have dampness or condensation in your property please contact Alliance for a Survey and thereafter estimate.

Please feel free to browse our Gallery which shows projects undertaken by Alliance where areas affected with dampness and condensation have been treated.

Penetrating Damp
Rising Damp
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