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Our Woodworm Infestation Treatment in Scotland

With expertise in woodworm treatment and timber preservation, we're here to safeguard your property from these destructive pests. Discover how our dedicated team can protect your investments and ensure your peace of mind. 

Signs of a woodworm infestation 

Don't let woodworm damage go unnoticed! Learn to recognise the telltale signs of these lurking pests. From small round holes on the surface to trails of frass and weakened wood, our guide will help you identify potential infestations in your Perth, Kinross, Dundee, Angus, Fife, Edinburgh, Glasgow, or Stirling property. Early detection is key to preventing serious structural issues.

Signs of woodworm infestation Description
Small holes in wood Tiny, round exit holes on the surface of wood.
Fine powder (frass) Sawdust or fine powder around the infested wood.
Weakened or damaged wood Wood becomes brittle, weakened, or damaged.
Adult beetles emerging Adult beetles may emerge from the wood.
Tunnels or galleries Tunnels or galleries visible in the wood.
Creaking sounds Wood may produce creaking sounds when tapped.



Woodworm FAQs

Are there different types of woodworms? 

Certainly! The term "woodworm" is a broad classification encompassing a range of insect species that can potentially harm the wood within your dwelling. Here are the four primary wood-destroying insects that could pose a threat to the wood on your property: 

  • Common furniture beetle: This is the most prevalent woodworm species, responsible for causing approximately 75% of all woodworm attacks in residential properties. 
  • House longhorn beetle: Typically found within roofing timbers, this beetle stands out as the largest and most destructive among wood-boring insects. 
  • Wood boring weevil: This insect targets timber that has already been compromised by fungal decay, compounding the potential damage. 
  • Death watch beetle: Preferring hardwood, this particular beetle tends to afflict older structures, potentially causing considerable harm to their integrity. 

Recognising these distinct woodworm varieties is pivotal to effectively addressing and mitigating the unique challenges they present. Each species demands a tailored approach, and understanding their specific characteristics can make a significant difference in preserving your property's wood structures. 

How will I know if I have a woodworm problem?

Wondering whether your home is grappling with a potential woodworm problem? There are unmistakable signs to watch out for that may indicate an infestation. In some cases, if the issue has progressed unnoticed, you might even observe adult beetles emerging from the timber. 

When adult beetles make their exit, they often leave behind small, circular or oval holes on the surface of the affected wood. Additionally, you'll typically notice accumulations of fine bore dust in proximity to these exit points, known as flight holes. These telltale signs are vital indicators that your property may be dealing with a woodworm infestation, warranting immediate attention to safeguard your timber structures. 

Is woodworm treatment safe for pets?

For the safety of your pets, we kindly request that no animals or fish be present in the treatment area during the woodworm treatment and for 8 hours following its completion. Your pets' well-being is our priority as well, and these precautions are in place to ensure a secure environment. 

Why choose our woodworm specialists? 

Choose Alliance Timber Preservation in Scotland for our unmatched expertise in woodworm eradication. Our local experts in Perth offer tailored solutions and unparalleled knowledge in preventing woodworm infestations. Protect your property with the best in the business. 

Our woodworm treatment process 

Discover our proven woodworm treatment methods designed to eliminate these invasive pests. We'll not only identify the type of beetle involved but also assess the extent of damage. Trust us to recommend the appropriate treatment and repairs to safeguard your property effectively. 

Our woodworm treatment guarantee 

With our extensive track record in eliminating woodworm infestations from homes across Perth & Kinross, Dundee & Angus, Fife, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Stirling, we stand behind the effectiveness of our services. 

To provide our clients with lasting peace of mind, we offer an impressive 30-year guarantee on all completed woodworm treatments. This guarantee assures you that the treated area will remain free from insect attacks throughout this extended period.

The importance of timber preservation 

Learn about the critical role of timber preservation in safeguarding your property from woodworm infestations. Discover how our services in Perth can prevent future attacks and preserve the integrity of your timber structures. Trust our team for top-notch timber treatment and preservation and get in touch today.

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